A Square knows the A to Z of web development and is capable of fulfilling any needs related to design and development.

Web design and development service may range from simple personal websites to complex e-commerce or social networking platform where, we apply cost effective and advanced technologies.

Not only are our designs unique and professional, but they are also user-friendly, optimized and secure.

A Square has a very high exposure in web development arena, serving many clients across all industries. Our website designs and post development strictly follows the standards and requirements keeping an eye on targeted audience.

The right data integration solution helps you address today’s data problems while giving you a plan for the future.

With A Square’s data management system, you can boost productivity, share more of the workload and be confident that your data is ready for action.

You would be able to quickly and easily access the data that you need and an intuitive interface means you can entrust data to business users, giving them more control so that you can get back to your own tasks in hands.

With the change in technology and user acceptance, A Square moves onto new field of development and thus we have our mobile application development team.

Mobile technology is becoming more popular and the usage of internet through mobile is increasing every day.

We find this is the right time to explore our skills in developing user friendly and acceptable apps on various platforms.

Our team develops mobile apps for both personal and commercial purpose.

Today’s business environment demands that information flow seamlessly across the company to support an integrated and focused decision making. Information residing in siloes and poorly integrated business systems can make it difficult to act with speed and nimbleness thus hurting the competitiveness of companies.

A Square specializes in streamlining the processes through its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. Our ERP system offers the freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance, and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage.

At the core A Square’s ERP has strong financial, operational and customer relationship management features and capabilities to successfully accelerate your business expansion.

The digital economy has ushered in a new wave of transformation in the way organizations communicate and conduct their business.

To remain ahead of competition, companies need to redefine their digital strategies and incorporate IT solutions that can give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A Square has built long-term relationship with its clients and has gained deep insights into their business. As a result we are in a position to leverage this experience and align our core capabilities to meet the IT needs of our customers, across different industries, markets and domains.

By constantly innovating and expanding our solution consulting capacity, we have successfully developed industry-specific solutions.

"Implementing Profitable Technology
Solutions For Businesses"